67 Tom Burridge - Posted on April 9th, 2018

Tom Burridge
Assistant Coach, Offensive Line
Years Experience
Current Team
Colchester Gladiators

Tom is a long tenured Gladiator, having been part of the reforming team back in 2004, and has been a mainstay ever since. A fixture on the offensive line, his understanding of the game and the position has meant he has started games at every position on the line, and is often seen making an appearance on defense where required. Tom began his career at the University of Nottingham Outlaws, and has been fortunate enough to be selected for the P.A. Knights for their trip to the US and subsequent narrow loss to Team USA. His longevity and his work off the field saw him inducted into the International Minor League Hall of Fame, and he represented the Minor League All Stars in the Hall of Fame Bowl in Las Vegas in 2015. Tom continues to enjoy being a part of the great Gladiators organisation, and takes advantage of all the fabulous opportunities the sport has provided.


SeasonTeamPassAttPassCompPassYdsLngCompPassTDIntsOScksOSckYdsORushAttRushYdsLngRushRushTDAvgYdsCrryRecRec YdsLngRecRecTDAvgYdsCat
2005Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2006Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2007Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2008Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2009Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2010Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2011Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2012Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2013Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2014Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2015Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2016Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2017Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2018Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000
2019Colchester Gladiators000000000000000000


2005Colchester Gladiators0000000000
2006Colchester Gladiators0000000000
2007Colchester Gladiators6330000000
2008Colchester Gladiators5320000000
2009Colchester Gladiators4310000000
2010Colchester Gladiators1100000000
2011Colchester Gladiators0000000000
2012Colchester Gladiators2110000000
2013Colchester Gladiators10640000000
2014Colchester Gladiators0000000000
2015Colchester Gladiators2200000000
2016Colchester Gladiators7000000000
2017Colchester Gladiators0000000000
2018Colchester Gladiators0000000000
2019Colchester Gladiators0000000000

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