London Hornets vs Colchester Gladiators - Posted on May 20th, 2018



The Colchester Gladiators’ already crippling injury problems reached crisis level with a number of
players picking up injuries likely to keep them out for a number of games including stand-in QB
Curtis Bourke who sustained a dislocated shoulder and could miss the rest of the season. Starting
the game with only 30 players dressed for action, they could ill afford to lose any more.

With starting QB Rob Wickham already sidelined for the year, head coach Luke Box turned again
to receiver Sam Gennings who made a sterling effort but with players going down seemingly on
every drive, the depth of the squad is exhausted.


The Gladiators take a snap

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The last two running backs on the roster, Sam Morton and Thomas Blum also went down with
injuries forcing linebacker Ian Hardy and safety Dave Kerr to take the hand-offs in the fourth
quarter. And with receivers Tom Clarke and Jake Wickham also unavailable, rookies Mike Drury
and Ben Roper had to be thrown in at the deep end.

The Gladiators started well with Dave Walton forcing a fumble on the Hornets’ first play which
was recovered by Lewis Mews, and after a Gladiator punt, Mews got the ball back again when he
picked off the Hornets QB.

The Gladiator offence was struggling to get going and the Hornets took the lead after a nine play,
51 yard drive, despite a Josh Milgate sack of the London QB, and a fumble fortuitously recovered
by the home side. On the very next play after the recovery, their QB found a receiver behind the

Gladiators’ defence with a pinpoint pass for a touchdown. The extra point failed but the
Londoners had opened their account, leading 6-0.

This was soon 12-0 with the help of a penalty against the Gladiators on fourth down, gifting the
Hornets a new set, and the QB threw another touchdown pass.

The second quarter saw no change to the flow of the game, with the Colchester offence
struggling to make an impact. A long punt return set the Hornets up with a first down just 11
yards out and they made no mistake in adding to their lead with a four yard run, and now lead

In a repeat of a previous drive, the Hornets fumbled when Dave Walton stripped the ball from the
QB but recovered the ball, and followed up with another scoring strike, and two point play to
take the score to 26-0. The Gladiators then put together a drive and Morton rumbled for 33 yards
deep into Hornet territory before having the ball stripped from his grasp. It lay on the floor
agonisingly before a Hornet fell on it, claiming possession, and threatened to score again before
Josh Mews picked off a pass, but they went in at the interval, very content with their half’s work.

QB Bourke was unable to take the field for the second half so Gennings set up under centre,
handing the ball to Hardy and Kerr but failed to make much impression on the swarming Hornets.
Both defences were on top throughout a scoreless third period and the Gladiators started to find
their running game early in the fourth and Kerr broke away for a 26 yard gain. Aaron Martin was
unable to hang on to a Gennings throw in the endzone so Nathan Brown came on to try to break
their duck but a low snap couldn’t be fielded so the attempt went begging.

The Hornets had one final drive to try to add to their tally but another fumble, this time forced by
Josh Mews, and was recovered by the Gladiators to end the game.
The Gladiators have just a week to recover before they travel to Kent to take on the Mavericks.


Date Time League Season
May 20, 2018 2:30 pm British American Football Association Division 1 2018


Mill Hill Rugby Club
71 Page St, London NW7 2EE, UK


London Hornets12140026Win
Colchester Gladiators00000Loss

London Hornets

Position Comp Att Yds Rec Rec Yds TD Int Lng Fum Lost

Colchester Gladiators

# Player Position Comp Att Yds Rec Rec Yds TD Int Lng Fum Lost
28Eddie Collison-0000000000
77Paul Bovingdon-0000000000
95Charles Greig-0000000000
1Sam Gennings-0000000000
2Josh Milgate-0000000000
7Nathan Brown-0000000000
8David Kerr-0000000000
10Jake Wickham-0000000000
11Ben Roper-0000000000
14Joe Parsons-0000000000
15Tom Hill-0000000000
16Rob WickhamQuarterback0000000000
19Rob Giles-0000000000
20Adam Dickens-0000000000
21Tommy Clarke-0000000000
23Christian Stephens-0000000000
25Tom Dacey-0000000000
27Dan Betts-0000000000
29Andrew Cairns-0000000000
31Lewis Mews-0000000000
32Sam Morton-0000000000
34Casey Campbell-0000000000
39Brandon Sleiker-0000000000
43Frazer Lamb-0000000000
45Ryan Delayney-0000000000
49Ashley Tyler-0000000000
50Scott O’Brien-0000000000
51Jon Perry-0000000000
52Matthew Thompson-0000000000
53Josh Mews-0000000000
54David Walton-0000000000
57Thomas Blum-0000000000
58Ian Hardy-0000000000
60Matt Selby-0000000000
62Ryan Vaughan-0000000000
64Nick Anderson-0000000000
67Tom Burridge-0000000000
70James Birch-0000000000
71Jake Golding-0000000000
75Matt Richardson-0000000000
76Ethan Hacket-0000000000
79David Crane-0000000000
82Jim Gilchrist-0000000000
85Byron Smith-0000000000
88Mark Gilbranch-0000000000
90Aaron MartinTight End0000000000
92Curtis BourkeDefensive end0000000000
96Daniel Jones-0000000000
97Jack Baily-0000000000
98Jut Preacher-0000000000
99Alex Martin-0000000000
 Total 0000000000

Head Coach: Luke Box
Coach: Karl Bourke
Coach: Nick Foxley
Coach: John Foxley
Photographer: John Singer

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