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Contact the club member required using the email links below:

For all enquiries about joining the Gladiators please contact: Colchester Gladiators

Club Management

Chairman: Ryan Vaughn – Phone: N/A

Treasurer: John Lindsay

Membership Secretary: Tom Burridge


Football Operations

Head Coach: Karl Bourke

Junior Team Head Coach: TBC

Youth Team Head Coach: Matt Richardson : TBC


Club Staff

Webmaster: Charles Greig – All Website Enquiries.
Club Welfare Officer: Dave Crane
Game Day Manager:
Club Historian: Nick Foxley
Game Day Statistician:
Game Day Statistician: John Foxley
Game Day Assistant & Club Photographer: John Singer
Game Day Film Crew: Colin Sadler
Game Day Senior Team First Aider / Physiotherapist:

Vacant Positions

For all enquiries about the Gladiators vacant positions please contact: Colchester Gladiators
Game Day Manager: Position Vacant
Game Day Commentator: Position Vacant
Fundraising Manager: Position Vacant
Game Day D.J. / Music Co-ordinator: Position Vacant
Equipment Manager: Position Vacant
Cadet Flag Team Head Coach: Position Vacant

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Home Ground

American Football :

Corporal Budd Gymnasium Rugby Pitches, Berechurch Rd, Colchester, CO2 9RQ

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